Erosion Control

Conwed offers a complete line of Erosion Control netting and products from erosion control blanket netting, to wattles, to loose net and now UV-stabilized polypropylene fiber. Newly released is our degradable netting made with Ecocycle™ Technology – The First Truly Degradable Blanket.

Conwed’s animal-friendly netting – NatureZone™ is the perfect balance between preservation and performance.  Conwed’s unmatched skill at manufacturing consistently sized apertures in netting means improved blanket performance for minimum loss of anti-erosion fill, dramatically fewer thin spots and a reduced erosion risk after installation. Conwed’s high-quality net also increases manufacturing speeds, efficiencies, and uptime. And the even spacing of the apertures ensures more constant soil contact and reduced tenting during and after installation. Providing maximum protection at minimum cost, choosing Conwed ensures you get both top quality performance and great value.

Conwed is a dedicated supplier to the erosion control industry.  Conwed supports the industry through memberships in the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) and the International Erosion Control Association (IECA).