Protective Sleeving

Material handling netting products and liners are available for a variety of industrial applications, ranging from parts separators for shipping and storage, to protective packaging liners, to non-slip liners in tool boxes and other storage trays.

Conwed net is often used to separate and stack parts to protect them from damage or corrosion. Conwed net, whether used on tool steel, bricks, or polished stones, promotes liquid and air-flow in cleaning and drying of parts. Conwed net won’t rust or absorb chemicals from parts it is protecting.

Conwed Vexar® Plastic Net Sleeving protects valuable parts and products in all shipping, storage, handling and process applications. Vexar® Protective Sleeving stretches and wraps snugly around virtually any form. Machining, finishing, painting and plating are protected. Damage claims and returns are reduced.

Conwed’s Vexar® Parts Separators are available in polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon flat nets. These plastic nets allow the user to separate and stack parts without damage or liquid buildup, in all shipping, storage, handline and process applications.

Vexar® Nylon Separation Grids are specialized Parts Separators designed to protect parts from mechanical damage during washing processes and boost the efficiency of these processes. They are resistant to spirit-based solvents that dissolve other materials. They stand up to hot streaming, dipping and hot air drying.

Conwed Vexar® Flexible Plastic Sleeving enables safe bulk packaging of smaller parts without expensive, inefficient separators and wraps. Parts are protected from damage due to mechanical contact, vibration and handling – in and out of the bulk package.