Mattress Wrapping

Automatic wrapping machine for spring, foam, and latex mattresses.
Mattress automatic feeding, width self-adjustment, and automatic ejection system with the possibility of conveying towards discharge or (optional) stacking lines.

Transverse sealing bar with double sealing and central cutting blade.
Lateral sealing bars for sealing and excess polyethylene cutting, equipped with mechanical cuttings separator, and collector.

Programmable sealing temperature controlled by separate heat detectors.
Adjustable sealing time and pressure.
Permanent sealing bar coating. Highly resistant, maintenance-free, and preventing the formation of fumes and residues.

Automatic lateral sealing lines centring device. Lower polyethylene roll feeding slide, extractable right to left.
Upper polyethylene roll feeding device with right- to-left tackle incorporated in the machine.

Graphic control board with luminous sequential display equipped with piece-counter.
Sealing area equipped with either two- or four-piston pneumatic press (H 288 RM + 4P).
Synchronized mattress feeding ramp (H 289).
Ad hoc programme for latex mattresses.
The L version of the machine, 400 mm wider, is also available.