Liquid & Air

Designed for reliable use in a wide variety of filtration applications,
Conwed rigid filtration tubes and are:
• Chemically inert
• Non-corrosive
• Rust-proof
• Made with integral joints that display a clean look in filtration applications

Our materials are manufactured from a wide range of materials for specific filtration applications. Diameters, mesh sizes, wall thicknesses for cores, and temperature resistance are customizable for all nets and tubes.

Conwed filtration products are used for:
• Containment
• Protection
• Spacers
• Media support

Industries served include:
• Pharmaceutical
• Automotive
• Water Purification
• Hydraulic Filtration
• Fuel Filtration
• Beverage Filtration
• Medical Filtration
• Food Processing

• Support
• Increased flow
• Customizable characteristics
• Chemically inert
• Rust proof
• Channeling
• Containment
• Protection