The X5 is the Ultimate Serger-Flanger sewing workstation. If you can quilt it, this can flange it.

With the most foot lift clearance available, the heaviest quilted panels are inserted and removed quickly and easily with the X5. Decreased material handling means more production and increased operator efficiency.

Pulling power is increased dramatically… the heaviest and densest pads are positively tracked and conveyed with unmatched pulling power and traction. No struggling. No worrying about machine capacity. Just raw pulling power.

Improved Power Trac belt mounting radically improves the operator’s sight line, as well as increases the X5’s cornering abilities. The patented Power Trac® drive belt now contacts

the material between the needles, for the world’s best corner turning. This new set up allows wrinkle free and smooth sewing of stubborn ticks, even difficult terry cloth. Better corners. Clean, wrinkle free smooth finishes. Stronger pulling power. But wait, there’s more…

More LIFT (.875” / 22.5mm). Panels go in and come out easily without struggling. All with the same unmatched sewing capacity and speed. A true 5000 RPM…not 4200, not 4000…not 3600. It’s faster than any other unit. More powerful. Quieter. Smoother running, as well.

Who says you can’t improve upon perfection!

Call today for more details, and take one step closer to the most powerful sewing machine you’ll ever own. The X5 Serger Flanger.