Multi – Cutting Heads

Longitudinal multi-cutting heads to cut quilted fabric into stripes

Longitudinal Cutting

Longitudinal cutters to cut the edges of the quilted fabric

Cross Cutting

Cross cutting to cut the quilted fabric into panels

Stop Motion

Integrated yarn brake detectors to stop the quilting machine in case of yarn breaking

Automatic Stacker

Integrated to the cross cutting device piling-up pre-cut quilted panels. It avoids the painful job of cutting panels from the roll in continuous and optimize the production chain organization.

Jumping + thread trimmer

Meca’s solution for thread trimming device is unique and absolutely reliable. This patented system assures a perfect cut using a blade in- corporated in the hook which is impossible to break. This special tool reduces to the minimum the top thread tail.

Waste Saver Device

WSD (Waste Saver Device) , it is the ideal partner of our machines allowing an optimization of the production and a great reduction of the wastes due to frequent material changes. A user friendly interface helps the operator to know in advance type of material and on which roll it should be changed.

Such device minimizes time wastes and eliminates any chance of error by the operator. Furthermore the device helps to reduce the wastes of materials between one change of production and the other. From the figure below you can see how the WSD system introduces in the production a minimum crop (purple in the screen below) between one production(blue- green) and the other(violet) minimizing the waste of material. The crop will be then cut automatically by the longitudinal final cutter.