Turf Net

Conwed has introduced the first and only completely degradable turf netting.
Ecocycle™ Technology — Your Turf Just Got a Whole Lot Greener. Netting with Oxygrid Technology is programmed to degrade above ground and below, once it has safely delivered your sod — reducing environmental impacts and entanglement with equipment.

With Conwed Turf Netting products, growers can maximize growth, double their yield and protect their crop against loss during transportation and weather – all with less waste and less labor.

From planting to harvest, Conwed SodNet® helps grass seedlings grow in a uniformly strong structure, allowing turf producers to harvest a crop in half the time, allowing for a second planting. Conwed SodWrap™, for ‘big roll’ harvesting, ensures protection against weather and turf loss during harvest and transportation and at the time of installation. All while saving growers time and money.