SIMALFA®  is a high yielding and fast drying one part water based adhesive, with no dangerous chemicals or activators required. Being environmentally accredited it is one of the safest

adhesives on the market for green accreditation, employee welfare and performance. SIMALFA® is supported by over 35 years worldwide research and development.

SIMALFA® will bond to a large variety of substrates ranging from foam, fabric Dacron, wood and plastics. SIMALFA® can expand your traditional markets and gain access to tenders & contracts such as government, hospitals, schools etc where there is stringent safety and OH&S requirements.

SIMALFA® adhesives operate on a simple low maintenance, gravity feed system which will reduce your overall operating costs. There is no need for expensive pumps or dangerous solvents to clean up, as SIMALFA® adhesives wash out in water. This adds to savings which become evident in storage, disposal and associated costs. Using SIMALFA® is the simplest, cleanest adhesive to get the job done.  To see SIMALFA® in action click link


Ross Hanna Australia offers complete service in the way of training, stock and ongoing support. Our commitment to you is to take the same time or less than your current methods of application whilst providing a safer workplace and product.

To ensure we provide the latest updated information available; we have provided a link This will provide you information relating from TDS and MSDS through to cost management systems and tips on better spraying and operator training. At SIMALFA® we are proud of our technology and provide all the answers and information you may require on our website. Ross Hanna also provides an enquiry page for any and all additional information you may need.